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I wish I could be a “bitch”

I wish I could Go out and be with guys I don’t have feelings for. I wish I could just leave and make them feel like crap just the way they do todo us. Women. We are used to this shit and we Go over and over. Dreaming The next one is going to be The good one. It’s not. I’ve done many things I’m no saint, but I’ve never broke anyone’s heart. I just can’t. And I wouldn’t. But I wish I could. Why do we fall? I didn’t even meant to fall this time. He insisted. And I foolishly believed the whole different man shit. Because we were friends and I know most of his struggles and insecurities. Then why? Why The fuck I had to meet his family?! His little niece adores me. Why “his feelings changed” so easily? So fast? WHY? And here it goes. Most men are the fucking same. Won’t say ALL, but girls, let’s be “bitches”. Its what its called. A man is like that and its just a man. We do that and we’re bitches. Whores. Then I want to be one. As my cousin/brother says (he’s the nicest guy and the only good one I know): NO ONE DESERVES OUR HEARTS.

"Losing someone you are in love with is like having the best thing in the whole world. You never want anything to change and you are so happy because everything is perfect. Then it seems that in the blink of an eye you’ve lost it all. It was like everything was just taken from you with no warning, when in reality things had been falling apart for so long. You were just too blind to notice. Until that person was pretty much gone and you felt like you couldn’t breathe…you may not even want to anymore. You go from talking to them everyday to pretending like the fact that they haven’t called you or reached out to you doesn’t bother you at all. You realize how many people you don’t talk to anymore, because that person was the only person you could hold a real conversation with. You occupy yourself all day just so you don’t have time to think back to the memories that are so hard to forget. The only problem is once you’re alone again they flood into your mind and attack you like a virus eating at your body. It may be in the shower when you’re washing your hair or when you finally decide to put your head on your pillow to go to bed, but can’t because you remember how they used to hold you before you closed your eyes. You feel cold because their warmth doesn’t cover you anymore and the big blanket you have just isn’t enough. You have to stay up ‘til 3 in the morning sometimes because you learn to wear yourself out, so that maybe you can just pass out without so many painful thoughts. It’s like losing a part of yourself. A part you were so sure you could not live without, so it becomes really hard to even try. You feel so hurt you begin to just feel numb & that’s what I am. I am numb and I am okay with that because I would rather feel nothing at all than feel this hurt."

Venting - S.M.G.R  (via thepoisonousrose)

And tomorrow I have to go to the  office feeling this way…

(via thepoisonousrose)

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